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Cassandra Rose is a powerful phoenix risen from the flame of trauma. Early in childhood, two near-death experiences forced incredible gifts of empathy, telepathy and other psychic abilities to emerge. She healed herself through deep inner work and now embodies her true calling as a healer, tantric priestess, bodyworker and guide sharing her gifts with the world.

Having dedicated herself to the path of the healing arts and shamanism over a decade ago, Cassandra Rose has certifications in 14 massage modalities, yoga, herbalism, tantra and so much more. She helps her clients, especially women, to experience profound healing. Her work has related to interpersonal and authentic relating with intimate partners, healing body dysmorphia, addressing the trauma of abuse, rape, neglect, or abandonment, and transcending stories of lack and negative self-worth.

Cassandra Rose is particularly interested in womb work and profound healing for women.



“It is my greatest joy to bring women back to their sexual sovereignty and liberation as sensual beings on this planet. I firmly believe that when women heal their wombs, the Earth heals with us.” – Cassandra Rose



  • Licensed Massage Therapist – 14 modalities
  • Certified Herbalist
  • Birth Doula
  • Womb Priestess
  • Tantric Coach
  • Women’s Clinical Herbalist under Aviva Romm
  • Yoga Teacher